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Welcome to the art world of Akemi Ena, where there is no art medium I won’t touch. Every piece of my art is uniquely made with the best quality of art materials. Each of my original acrylic paintings are all vibrantly made with high quality custom made paint colors by me. When I was making the decision to sell prints of my artwork, quality mattered the most to me. If I was going to sell prints they had to be scanned and printed by best or I wouldn’t sell them at all. So, I sought out to find the best of the best specialty fine art printmakers. After trying out several trials and errors, company after company, and sample after sample I finally found a company that accurately depicted my original artwork onto print. I made sure that each of my customers would feel like they were looking at the original painting with accurate detail and colors on high end materials. What makes me unique is that I like to add my own special effects to each piece of my art in order to make them stand out. I love texture whether that be smooth, sharp, or rough. For example, on some of my canvases and matte prints I like to add materials like high quality glow pigments that brightly glow-in-the-dark for hours. This pigment is mixed with a gel medium giving it that 3D effect. My canvas prints are my specialty. They are all stretched over 1 1/2″ wood bars. Each canvas is coated in epoxy resin. Some also have an added effect like mica glitter powder giving it a pop of color and luminescence. There are added painted effects in between two layers of epoxy resin where you will also find my signature giving it even more of a slightly 3D effect. I hope to keep expanding on the different added special effect high end mediums as I continue to grow. Also, each piece of art has limited quantity, is signed, and numbered by yours truly. **Each piece is signed and numbered.**

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